Technology Services

New User
You will need to create a user account before you upload your plan for review. When you create an account using the link to the right, an email will be sent to verify your email address. After you have created your account and signed in, return to this page and use the menu below to upload the plan.

Existing User
Individuals with a TPB user account can upload new plans and review the status of their plans.

Uploaded Education Technology K-12 Voucher plans will be submitted to the CDE for review and approval. If an uploaded Education Technology K-12 Voucher plan is not approved by the CDE, a replacement PDF document may be uploaded/resubmitted.

Uploaded Comprehensive (Non-Education Technology K-12 Voucher) plans are not reviewed by the CDE. By uploading a Comprehensive plan, users self-certify that the plan is locally approved by the local governing authority. Comprehensive plans will automatically be loaded into the system, and plan status will automatically be updated and available for viewing by the public.

If an uploaded plan is not approved by the CDE, a replacement can be uploaded.